Upgrade your company fleet

to a future-proof mobility service.

Build a green and flexible fleet gradually,
without disrupting current car policies.

OPTIMISE fleet & taxES
flexify car policy
boost pay & mobility

The time is now

New trends in mobility and telework create an opportunity to green and optimize your company fleet.

iconic THE ICON OF FREEDOM AND SUCCESS is on the move New trends shake the dominant role of the car as a benchmark in mobility and salary... Lifestyle Pedelec
& Smart Mobility
Some have plenty of alternatives and choose a car-lite lifestyle, since it's more convenient.
The urge to lower carbon footprint and to free up clogged roads puts extra pressure on companies.
Taxes this new context is a window of opportunity Recent trends are an opportunity to turn your fleet into a flexible mobility solution, more resilient to a new context...

Flexifleet how does it work

Cars on demand

Your office locations are a perfect place to host cars on demand.

Broad range of vehicles

Employees enjoy a broad range of vehicles* in front of their office, from electric vehicle to SUV.

Attractive conditions flexifleet

Cars are free during business trips and at attractive conditions for private occasions (like holidays).

Service flexifleet

High service levels with premium cars at attractive conditions are possible due to a predictable and steady demand of trusted users (employees).

Mobile applications flexifleet

Flexifleet can be integrated with our favourite mobility applications, mobility budget etc.

* The service runs on vehicles of automotive partners and/or on your company's current vehicles.

employer Benefits

Benefits as employer: Fleet, HR, Finance, Facility... manager.


Optimisation of cars, parking space and operations


Cost efficient with carefree administration and fiscal benefits


Future proof & integrated with smart mobility and telework

Benefits compared
among car policies



car sharing

Optimization of vehicles and parking space

Fiscal benefits of a shared fleet 

Carefree administration and operations

Asset in recruitment

Accelerator for electrification

Mobility expenses flow back to the company fleet

Employees use their mileage allowance, cafetaria plan (FIP), mobility budget... to sponsor their personal rides (professional rides are free).

Expenses that usually flow to external parties are reinvested in your Flexifleet!

Mobility expenses

employee Benefits

Flexifleet is a free choice with benefits for all. Including for those who hang on to their existing salary car. 

Flexifleet driver

Flexifleet driver

(can live without onw car)

More freedom of choice,
from bike to EV to SUV

More salary thanks to
smarter mobility expenses

Fiscal benefits of car sharing

A healthy lifestyle with a low carbon footprint

Salary car driver

Salary car driver

(you keep your company car...)

Keep your company car OR choose a greener car, saving on TCO and taxes.

Flexifleet is at your service for specific occasions (replacement car, holiday car, etc)


Flexifleet technology is deployed in public car sharing since 2012 and in poolcars of EY and Siemens since 2018.



Automate the entire process: registration, booking, car keys, payment and invoicing.


Real-time data ensures your fleet is used optimally along customised business rules.

Easy integration

Integrated with your own automotive and mobility providers. Plug and play.



Many questions that have been worked out and tested in practise...


Many questions that have been worked out and tested in practise...

Getting started

Onboarding of your company.